Tuesday, April 21, 2009


here's our first single, in a .zip format. Hope that's satisfying.


Jackdaw Single - Front Cover

Jackdaw Single - Back Cover

have fun dudez

Monday, April 6, 2009


discussion today about how our different racial perceptions of the Japanese as compared to the Germans resulted in it being conceivable for us to drop the atom bomb on them.

Great stuff.

Apparently, people in WWII were able to make the distinction between the Nazis and the average German; the Nazis had hi-jacked the government, but that doesn't mean that all Germans are bad people.

Not so for the Japanese. All of them operated under a hive-mind structure, took orders from the Emperor, and were out to kill Americans. Sound familiar?

We never would have considered dropping an atomic bomb on Germany.

MMMMMmmmmmm God Bless America!

and in other news:

uploaded the Jackdaw single album art, so its gonna be a day or two before I can upload the whole thing for you guys to pig out on.

Not that you don't already have it most likely; shits old.